Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pigeon Pairs Record Cards

Like many pigeon fanciers, I love the spring breeding season. The process of pairing up birds and raising babies is exciting. Good record keeping is essential to a breeding program, and I wanted to find a way to easily record my pairs and the details of their progeny.

I keep a calendar in my loft to jot down notes while I'm out there, but wanted more details. Something was needed to show me which birds were paired up and located in which breeding pen. I wanted something durable, and easier to keep clean than a piece of paper tacked to the wall.

While looking for ideas amongst the office supplies at a local WalMart, I found a great solution ... plastic badge holders! They came in a package of 12 for $1.88, and little binder clips to hang them with were 12 for 88 cents. These are a little smaller than an index card would be, but I love them.

Later that evening I designed a record card which I printed out, then cut apart and slid into the plastic holder. It has basic info for a pigeon pair, dates of eggs laid and hatching, the babies' band numbers and a little space for notes. I saved this into a PDF file, and I will share it with you here!

 Now I'm ready when my beautiful pigeon pairs hatch out the new babies soon. I hope this gives other fanciers some ideas too!

Happy flying!

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